When Grace Showed Up

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When Grace Showed Up by Tich and Joan Smith

Tich was a South African sports star who lost it all to alcohol. Joan had recently lost her husband. Their lives were at rock bottom when grace showed up and inspired these two middle class South Africans to move past the racial prejudices of the Apartheid era and launch a ministry together.

The result was Lungisisa Indlela Village (LIV), the legendary residential facility that rescues children, restores lives, and raises young leaders in South Africa. This is the story of transformed lives—both theirs and the orphans—as a country begins to embrace grace and love others as Christ loves the church.

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Tich and Joan Smith

Tich and Joan Smith

Tich Smith grew up in a middle class home in Johannesburg, playing rugby for Natal and cricket for Natal and South Africa. His sports career derailed at age 35 due to alcoholism. Joan had recently lost her husband when from the ashes of their lives, God brought them together. He then gave them the passion to create the Lungisisa Indlela village (LIV), the legendary residential facility for orphaned and vulnerable children in their native South Africa.

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