Tightropes and Teeter-Totters

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Tightropes and Teeter-Totters by Lisa Pennington

Most women have an idea in their head that if they are perfectly balanced their life will be perfect. But how can that be possible when each day starts with whining and a bad attitude—even before the kids get up?

Lisa Pennington knows how to get up after losing her balance, even with a full house, a not-so-full bank account, and never enough energy. In her latest book, she offers readers:

- Strategies for finding balance in marriage, motherhood, and bad moods
- Playful yet biblically based tips for turning hard days around
- Inspiration for shaping obstacles into opportunities
- Ways to respond to irritations with gratitude
- Enthusiastic encouragement for living out God’s purpose.

For every woman who wonders if her satisfaction in life will ever match her dreams, Pennington has real-life answers full of hope and humor.

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Lisa Pennington

Lisa Pennington

Lisa Pennington is a homeschooling mom of nine who shares her life—one laundry load at a time— on her blog, The Pennington Point. She is a sought-after speaker at conferences and women’s groups and the author of Mama Needs a Do-Over. Lisa and her family live near San Antonio.

Lisa Pennington

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