The Truth about Lies

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The Truth about Lies by Tim Chaddick

Temptation isn’t merely about winning or losing a battle.
It’s about discovering who you truly are.
And what matters most.

On a daily basis, we are all tempted to enjoy the gifts of this world while making the Giver optional or irrelevant in our quest for life. But what if, in God’s purposes, temptation is not merely an obstacle to overcome but an opportunity to flourish in faith?

Living in the truth exposes lies and turns moments of temptation into character-shaping opportunities, powerfully displaying our true identity as followers of Jesus.

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Tim Chaddick

Tim Chaddick

Tim Chaddick is the founding pastor of Reality LA, a thriving church in the heart of Hollywood, California. He is the author of Better: How Jesus Satisfies the Search for Meaning. Tim and his wife, Lindsey, live in Los Angeles with their three daughters.

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