The Shock of Your Life

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The Shock of Your Life by Adrian Holloway

After a fatal accident, three young people are catapulted into eternity. Read how Dan, a non-Christian; Becky, a lukewarm Christian; and Emma, a red-hot believer, get the shock of their lives as they discover what life after death is really like. Written especially for the next generation, The Shock of Your Life grapples with the biggest question of what happens when we die and presents a fresh way of looking at the Bible's teaching on judgment, heaven and hell through a gripping fictional scenario.

A Reader's Guide provides questions at the end of the book for personal reflection or group discussion.

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Adrian Holloway

Adrian Holloway

Adrian Holloway was a newspaper soccer and feature writer for The Times of London. He worked for the BBC as a radio reporter and as a TV sports anchor before giving up his media career to work with the New Frontiers International team of churches. Adrian, his wife Julia and their two darters are based at Christ Church, Central London.

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