Poets and Saints

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Poets and Saints by Jamie George

One of the most beautiful ways to know God better is to learn from those who served Him in other times and cultures. The poets and saints of Christian history were imperfect, yet they offer wisdom across the centuries that is as powerful today as it was to their contemporaries.

In Poets and Saints: Eternal Insight. Extravagant Love. Ordinary People., Jamie George takes readers from a pub in Oxford, to a cathedral in the Italian hills, to a rooftop in Switzerland, and beyond as he offers insight into the minds and hearts of Christians such as John Newton, C. S. Lewis, and Saint Therese.

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The Poets And Saints collection will take you on an epic journey into the lives and stories of a handful of well-known, historic Christ-followers that God used to wake up the world.

The Poets and Saints set is perfect for Small Groups and Sunday School and includes a book by Pastor/Author Jamie George, a worship album from Integrity Music's All Sons & Daughters, a participant's guide and a Curriculum bundle that includes them all: amzn.to/2c25fvg

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Jamie George

Jamie George

Jamie George founded Journey Church in Franklin, Tennessee, as a safe haven for the religiously wounded. Acclaimed worship band All Sons & Daughters was birthed in this faith community. George is the author of Love Well and The Wisdom of Solomon, and he lives with his family in Franklin.

The Poets and Saints Collection

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