Move Toward the Mess

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Move Toward the Mess by John Hambrick

Some pastors preach boring sermons. Some church music is dull. But here’s the thing: If Jesus had been boring, the disciples wouldn’t have followed him and the Pharisees wouldn’t have killed him.

So if you’re bored, don’t waste another minute. If your church service feels like a failed pep rally that never leads to the actual game, then it’s time for you to follow Jesus onto the field where the opposition is real and the stakes are extraordinary. It will get messy. It won’t always be comfortable. But you’ll make a difference. And you’ll discover that nobody’s bored out there. Nobody.

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31% off young adults who leave church cite spiritual boredom as a significant factor. Author John Hambrick believes this is caused by individuals and churches that choose comfort above everything else...including Jesus. God’s antidote is an invitation to join Him as He engages a hurting world. It gets messy but lives get changed. And the boredom just disappears.

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John Hambrick

John Hambrick

John Hambrick is part of the leadership team at Buckhead Church (the urban campus of North Point Community Church). His experience in Pakistan, London, South Africa, and inner-city Los Angeles has given him a unique perspective on what God is doing in the world. Move Toward the Mess is his first book. John and his wife, Patty, have two children and reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

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