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Like Jesus by Jamie Snyder

Jesus invites his disciples to follow Him. Yet many Christians and churches today are
unintentionally following counterfeit versions of the Savior. It’s a divine role reversal where we try
and mold Jesus into our own image.

There’s the American Jesus, the Emergent Jesus, and the Mr. Rogers Jesus, just to name a few. Each reflects some aspect of Jesus yet all fall short of the Real Jesus.

Jamie Snyder’s new book sheds light on these counterfeit versions while showing you how to
imitate the One True Messiah. Because before you can become like Jesus, you first have to discover what Jesus is really like.

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Jamie Snyder

Jamie Snyder

Jamie Snyder is lead pastor of Lakeside Christian Church where he preaches and teaches to thousands each week. Though he has many roles—husband, father, preacher, writer, bookworm, table-tennis player extraordinaire—the most significant one is child of God. He resides with his wife and three children in Kentucky.

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