The free Christian ebook I wanted is no longer free. What happened?

Our ebook giveaways usually expire on Tuesdays and Fridays at midnight. The expiration will depend on your time zone and the ebook retailer you use. To avoid paying for an ebook, please make sure the retailer displays FREE or a $0.00 price before clicking Buy. If you discover a pricing error with one of the free ebooks, please email or contact the ebook retailer directly.

I got your email. How do I download my free Christian ebook?

Here's how you download the free ebooks after receiving our email: 
  1. Click on the free ebook you are interested in.
  2. That takes you to
  3. From there you choose which retailer you would like to download the free ebook from (Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, etc.) Then follow the download/purchasing steps for the free ebook on the retailer's site.

How can I send the e-book to my Kindle device or reading app?

Simply click the Amazon button on the book’s web page, and you can easily download to your Kindle device or reading app directly from Amazon.

How do I download the free SONG to my iPhone/iPad?

Unfortunately, Apple mobile devices don't allow direct downloads of MP3s as they steer folks to iTunes for music downloads instead.  Therefore, you need to download the song directly to your computer, and then sync your computer with your iPhone/iPad (and preferably avoid the Safari browser, which is an apple product – we prefer Google Chrome).  We hope this information is helpful and apologize for any inconvenience.

When I try to download the free Christian ebook, the site crashes. What’s going on? was designed to work best on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Try updating your browser or clearing your cache. If you are having trouble accessing the site from your email inbox, try typing directly into your Internet browser.

I don’t have an ereader. Can I read the free Christian ebooks on my computer instead?

Yes! There are a number of free programs that will allow you to read ebooks on your computer. Which one you use depends on which retailer you prefer. Here are just a few:

Kindle Cloud Reader: 
Nook for Web: 
Google Play Books:

Why does it show a blank page when I try to click on a retailer link?

If you clicked on the link through the Facebook app/browser on your mobile device, this is most likely a browser-related issue. When you open the link through the Facebook browser, it will load the page for the book. But when you try to click on a retailer link, it will sometimes display a blank page (reading about:blank at the top).

Instead of tapping the retailer link, tap the icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen that looks like a square with an upward-pointing arrow. This will open a menu where you can choose to “Open in Safari” or “Copy Link.” If you choose to open in Safari, the page will reopen in the Safari browser. From there you can select the retailer you want to download from; it should then take you to the ebook from that retailer.

If you don’t use Safari and choose to copy the link instead, you can open your preferred browser and paste the link into the address bar. It will load the page in that browser and you can select the retailer you want to download from; it should then take you to the ebook from that retailer.

How do I get the free Christian ebooks on my iPad?

The simplest way to get our ebooks onto your iPad is to click the button "Download on iBooks." If you do this from your iPad and you are downloading one of our free ebooks, it should automatically begin downloading (after asking for your iTunes password) and then you can open/read the ebook in the iBooks app.

iPads do not come automatically loaded with iBooks, so you may need to first download that free app from Apple. If the ebook is not one of our free titles, but is one you would like to purchase, Apple will confirm that you want to purchase the ebook by requesting your iTunes password.

I am interested in having David C Cook publish my book (or curriculum). How do I go about doing so?

David C Cook is not accepting unsolicited proposals or manuscripts at this time. We will, however, consider proposals submitted through literary agents, as well as proposals submitted in response to select invitations extended at writers' conferences. There are, however, several helpful resources available to you in your endeavor to become a published author. One of the best places to start is ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) at

Any unsolicited manuscripts and proposals sent directly to David C Cook will be returned to the sender without review. 

David C Cook is not accepting unsolicited proposals or manuscripts at this time for curriculum products.



I am located outside the United States and am trying to download an ebook from your website that was advertised as FREE in your email. When I select the retailer to effect the purchase, the book is not listed as free...

...even though it is within your free download timeframe.  I contacted the retailer and was told they do not carry the free offer. How should I proceed?

Our sincerest apologies.  Unfortunately, the retailers don’t always honor our promotions in all countries.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I want to download a free Christian ebook, but the retailer is asking for my credit card information. Will I be charged?

Even when downloading a free ebook, retailers will often ask for your credit card information so they can add it to your account for future purchases. But if the price displayed is $0.00, you should not be charged for the free ebook.

I wrote a Christian ebook. Can I give it away on your site and email list?

Thanks for your interest. Aside from a few partnerships with other publishers, all the ebooks featured on are published here at David C Cook. Unfortunately we are not able to include self-published ebooks.

The free (or sale) Christian ebook you advertized is not listed as free (or at the sale price) indicated on all retailer sites. Why is that?

All of the retailors listed on our website are included in our requests for promotional pricing.  Unfortunately, not all retailers honor all of our promotions.  When the promotion is not available through your preferred retailer, please download the ebook through another retailor listed on our website.  Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Who is David C Cook anyway?

Great question! David C Cook is a ministry that publishes and distributes discipleship and worship materials that are transforming lives around the world.

Our calling, since 1875, is to equip local churches on a global scale, assisting them as they introduce generations to Jesus Christ, make and teach disciples, and lead songs of worship. Every ebook and song you purchase from David C Cook furthers this mission!

Join us as we serve people in plenty and poverty, seeing for yourself how God rewrites their earthly stories and changes their eternal lives.

You can learn more at